Lois Griffin Sex
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Lois Griffin SEX – Chris (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin SEX – Chris (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM Lois Griffin

This Lois Griffin Sex story covered How Chris (RAPED) His 37-year-old MOM Lois Griffin

gangsters grabbed Lois and stripped her clothes apart, gangsters started stroking Lois’s pussy, as she started riding on his dick and gets pussy destroyed. read this and even more in this hentai family comic. “Did you enjoy that?” Stewie asked. “ yes,” Lois said, though her arse was now beginning to tingle a bit and Lois had definitely had more than enough cock up Lois for one day. he fucked Lois hard as she shouted in pain as his second hard fuck made her vagina a little flexible and so in a cowgirl position, Lois was getting fucked with Chris’s cock and he is giving Lois hard time.so after a while, Lois holds her waist as Lois leaned on his body, now while on his top with her boobs on his chest, Lois was feeling Meg’s spits in her ass hole and now it’s a nice time as his cock is moving inside ass hole, so Lois will lose her anal virginity he than fucked her ass hard, so what, it’s her little hole getting his dick inside and now Lois starts moving her lower portion slowly, so Chris’s cock from below is fucking her vagina as Meg cock is fucking her anus hole from behind. Lois saw them again the next morning as Lois was waiting for her friends to return to the hotel. As Lois saw them she was terrified that they would approach Lois and maybe embarrass her.

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