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Lois Griffin was the first to see Lois Griffin, “Wow, you do have a hot body,” she said. Then to Stewie Griffin, “You never told me how sexy she was.”
Stewie Griffin replied, “She certainly is.”
She turned back to me. “You need a bathing suit that shows off more of those assets.” Then she laughed, handed Lois Griffin a drink, and said, “You’re gorgeous.”
Lois Griffin sat down. she felt a little flush at the attention, but, Lois Griffin liked it. It had been a while since I’d been so blatantly admired. It made her tingle.
Lois Griffin was feeling a little bold, “she takes it you approve of the bathing suit?”
“Oh no,” said Lois Griffin. “The bathing suit covers too much. That body needs to be shown off. Don’t you agree Stewie Griffin?”
They finally brought Stewie Griffin into the conversation.
He looked at Lois Griffin, smiled at her, and said, “Yes, she’s beautiful.”
Lois Griffin pushed it. “Yes, she’s beautiful, but she’s more than that, she’s sexy, sensual. Lois Griffin can sense it in her. Don’t you agree?”
Stewie Griffin didn’t answer.
Lois Griffin kept pushing. “Don’t you think she’s sexy?”
Stewie Griffin looked a bit uncomfortable. Then he said, “I’ve always thought she was sexy.”
Stewie Griffin never said Lois Griffin was sexy, or hot. He was more of a love type. He adored her, and let Lois Griffin know it, but he was not really comfortable with blatant sexuality. Don’t get Lois Griffin wrong, we had lots of sex, but it was mostly about love, not fucking. They got ready for dinner. Lois Griffin pulled on some jeans, a nice top, and heels. Lois Griffin touched up her makeup. Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin got dressed and they left the room to meet Lois Griffin and Stewie Griffin.
Lois Griffin was wearing a skin-tight sheath halter dress that barely covered her ass. It had a cowl neck and showed some cleavage. The back was open and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Lois Griffin felt inappropriately dressed.
Lois Griffin looked at Lois Griffin. “No, no, that won’t do,” she said.
She took her arm, “we’ll be right back,” she told the guys.
She guided her to her room. Lois Griffin was slightly shorter than her but other than that they were the same size.
“Let’s get you something that will make everyone jealous that our men have such sexy women with them.” She explained.
She pulled out a red wrap dress. It was beautiful. Then she turned to Lois Griffin and started to undress her. Lois Griffin should have stopped her. Lois Griffin could undress but somehow she was mesmerized by what she was doing. There was something inside her that was enjoying her taking control.

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She pulled her top up over her head. Lois Griffin lifted her arms to help her. Then she undid her jeans and pushed them down over her hips. She knelt down in front of her and pushed them the rest of the way to the floor. Lois Griffin was aware her face was right in front of her crotch as Lois Griffin stepped out of her jeans. Lois Griffin was wearing a mismatched bra and cotton panties. Lois Griffin felt a little embarrassed wishing Lois Griffin was wearing something prettier.
She helped Lois Griffin try on the wrap dress. It looked good on her. The neckline dipped a little deep. Lois Griffin’s bra showed.
“Lois Griffin has a pin in her purse,” she suggested.
“Don’t be silly, we’ll just lose the bra,” she replied.
We’ll? she thought.
Lois Griffin should have protested. Instead, she pulled the dress off her shoulders and removed her bra.
“Nice tits,” Lois Griffin observed.
Lois Griffin blushed, but she also felt a little pride. “Thanks,” she said.
Lois Griffin tied the wrap of the dress closed. she admits Lois Griffin looked good.
She pulled her dress up to her hips to show her. Lois Griffin noticed her pussy was shaved bald.
Lois Griffin hesitated for a moment then reached under her dress and pushed her panties to the floor. Lois Griffin stepped out of them and picked them up. Family Guy SEX Lois Griffin hadn’t gone pantyless for years. she realized Lois Griffin still liked the feeling. Lois Griffin felt naughty.
Lois Griffin stood there holding the panties in her hand.
“I’ll take those,” said Lois Griffin.
Absentmindedly Lois Griffin just handed them to her.
“Let’s go,” she said.
We headed out to join the guys.
“Ok, you girls look hot,” said Stewie Griffin. “Don’t they?” He asked Stewie Griffin
“They look very nice,” Stewie Griffin agreed.
“Nice?” exclaimed Stewie Griffin. “Nice? They looking fucking fantastic. Hot as hell. Everyone will be jealous of us tonight.”
“Oh,” said Lois Griffin. “And just so you know, neither of us are wearing underwear.”
She handed her panties to Stewie Griffin. He just stared at them.
“Even better,” said Stewie Griffin. “Let’s go.”
We all headed for the door. Stewie Griffin, not knowing what else to do, put her panties in his pocket. After you will visit this Family guy cartoon porn page one time, you will see the ‘guide’ in the header As we already know, only we have the most repertoire of incest of Family guy sex comics for free, in all our comic strips you can enjoy the incest between mother and child, incestuous sex of father and daughter, and one other cartoon of incest between brothers, the fact is that all our comics have big tits and huge asses of mature women with a lot of desire to fuck, especially busty blondes and infidels who usually deflower their young children.
They walked out Lois Griffin noticed Stewie Griffin’s hand on Lois Griffin’s ass. Lois Griffin was kind of jealous. Lois Griffin looked at Stewie Griffin. He smiled at her.
Lois Griffin climbed in the car and her dress at the wrap split open almost to her pussy. Lois Griffin looked to see if Stewie Griffin noticed. He had, he was staring. He didn’t say anything. Lois Griffin caught his eyes and smiled. Stewie Griffin looked confused but didn’t say anything. Then Lois Griffin noticed Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin looking. He gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. Family Guy SEX Lois Griffin blushed and her body flushed and felt warm.
they headed for dinner. They were led to a square table and we all sat down, Stewie Griffin on one side of me Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin on the other. As Lois Griffin sat down the dress again fell to either side of her legs. When Lois Griffin looked up Stewie Griffin had a big smile for me. Stewie Griffin kind of looked puzzled. While she was speaking her cleavage was visible and he opened up saying that mom your cleavage is visible and he cannot control and Stewie Griffin has to masturbate immediately. She laughed and said go ahead. Stewie Griffin went to the bathroom attached to his room and stroked his hard dick. Mom Stewie Griffin was still in the room. After stroking Stewie Griffin cleaned his dick and came to the room and started doing his work. Mom Family Guy SEX Lois Griffin asked me a question that made me pause for a while. Did she ask him that are you a virgin? he was like hell No. She smiled and told him that you can lose your virginity by your wish. And Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin replied to her that who pays me for sleeping with a prostitute to lose my virginity. She replied that why do you need a prostitute when your mom is here. That answer made Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin go mad and he immediately started to undress and undressed his own mom Lois Griffin too. Within a moment they both were nude and his lips were sucking her wet pussy. Stewie Griffin has been watching the house for a week now. Lois Griffin feels like every day that goes by she gets a little more scared of him. The first day was fine but the next day it seemed like Stewie Griffin was staring at Family Guy SEX Lois Griffin. she would catch him out of the corner of her eye looking at Lois Griffin’s ass. she tried to convince herself that he was just spacing out and maybe he wasn’t staring at her ass in a perverted kind of way, On the 3rd day, Lois Griffin came home after her Classes ended at night and Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin had been drinking. Lois Griffin went up to her room and tried to study so she wouldn’t think about what a pervert Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin was being. On the 4th day, Lois Griffin came out of the shower and Stewie Griffin was just standing there outside the door. He said he needed to use the restroom but when Lois Griffin looked at where his hand was it was on the outside of his pants next to his Huge Dick It looked like he had a hard-on! Lois Griffin was so scared she ran to her room and slammed the door. On the 5th night, Family Guy SEX Lois Griffin stayed away. she asked a friend if she could spend the night with her and she said that was fine. Lois Griffin didn’t tell her about what a creep Stewie Griffin was being because it was embarrassing. After hanging out with friends most of the day on the 6th night Lois Griffin finally came home that was last night and you won’t believe what happened. Stewie Griffin was drunk again Lois Griffin wasn’t surprised but she tried to just get something to eat and run off to her room. If Family Guy SEX Lois Griffin could avoid him long enough her mom would be back and he would be gone.
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While Lois Griffin was eating her snacks in her room she heard a knock at her bedroom door, what does Stewie Griffin want? “What is it, Stewie Griffin?” Lois Griffin asked from the other side of the door. “I need to come in,” Stewie Griffin said What a weird thing to say, Lois Griffin thought. Lois Griffin walked over to the door so she could ask him to go away without letting him in her room “What do you want?” Lois Griffin cracked the door open, but he pushed it and Lois Griffin with it. “What the fuck Stewie Griffin?” “You’ve been teasing me for 6 days already, I’ve come to get what I know you want to give me” What the hell was happening?! “Stewie Griffin, you need to leave my room,” Lois Griffin said she was standing face to face with him, as Stewie Griffin was starting to unbutton his pants. “Stewie Griffin, what the fuck?” Lois Griffin said Stewie Griffin lock the door grabbed her from behind now poor Lois Griffin had nowhere to go, she was trapped. His pants came down and there it was his big hard cock. Lois Griffin was terrified, she was frozen with fear as he started to come at Lois Griffin. Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin grabbed Lois Griffin by the hair and slammed her onto the bed. “Please Stewie Griffin NO!” Lois Griffin screamed, “I’m a virgin please no!” “You are going to be so good, I’m gonna take really good care of you, Darling, don’t worry” Stewie Griffin talked softly as if we were lovers as if Lois Griffin wasn’t crying, as if Stewie Griffin wasn’t holding her head against the bed so hard Lois Griffin could barely breathe. He pulled her pajama pants down and then Stewie Griffin attacked Lois Griffin, he started to ripping Lois Griffin’s Clothes apart and turn Lois Griffin naked then he started stroking her and sucking her breasts and performing really hard anal sex on her. Family Guy SEX Stewie Griffin forced Lois Griffin, his giant cock deep inside of Lois Griffin, savagely ripping her hymen apart. 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